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Its Ruff the walking dead’ (Coffin Video Coming?)


Blockbusterruff kid(compressed) series, the walking dead, a series about Zombies and bullets to the head, Penny Dreadful a series about everything dreadful and abominable last but not the least Game of Thrones a series about, death and frozen zombies and you know the rest.
Ruff kid has managed to take the essence of what has made these series so popular and applied it to his craft and instead of a glorious disaster it’s climaxing into an amazing journey both for critics and fans alike.
Who is this short man walking, coming out of caskets, arriving in limousines, what is he trying to say, and should we be paying attention?
If you have been my reviews on HOT 8,77FM or on Phoenix fm 89.5 a few years ago ABOUT ruff kid, then you will know that what I have been saying has never changed.
The decision to leave XYZ? is the best thing ruff KidA has ever done. The way he has handled it is equally impressive. From that decision we have seen him begin to grow and mature into not only an artist but also an entertainer worthy of a BAFTA Award.
His latest compilation Naked truth is probably the most important work that Ruff Kaida has released not only as a career defining album and also it has allowed us to get to know Ruff Kaida, sympathy with his struggles, feel his anger after been ripped off by friends and foe(umunadi) alike and desire for recognition.(am alive)
Personally I think Ruff Kaida had the better hip hop album of 2013-14 compared to Slapdee and Marky 2.Listening to the album, naked truth, it’s hard not to recognize why this is soon. Coming alive with each performance both live on stage and on TV.Capture
Naked truth, it should be noted, comes at a particularly interesting point in Ruff Kida timeline. he secretly left from XYZ, He killed off his ruff kid, and he been putting up one performance after another, Working with chef, keeping his online presence alive and actively engaging with his fans, I think (Isreal)Exile can learn one or two things about rebranding here.
In modern day entertainment, Ruff kida is an accomplished artist; very few have done ruffwhat he has managed to do, in fact only two him and the other guy who once upon time it is said battered him have won the prestigious BAFTA award.
By the Rumor has it; Ruff Kida is not done with the coffin stunt. He is currently working on a music video involving his favorite toy.- the coffin.

As Zambia it’s time we started paying attention it this man, and giving him the recognition he desires as an awesome entertainer and musician





They said I was too bitter and not sweet enough
But I thought it was bittersweet.
The spoken word alive,
Deep enough to speak the unspoken,
Real enough to speak the language of the heart in pain or joy.
So I spoke my heart, wrote with my ink made of blood
For i was deep like that.
Yet they said I was too bitter and not sweet enough
But I thought it was bittersweet
The good and bad
The sweet, and bitter
Describe what you may, feelings of elevation
Describe what you can, dark moments of Conundrum
Make no excuse,
Use no facade
Be deep like that.
I thought it was bittersweet.
Some said it was not Christian enough
was that the point?
All did they just miss the mark?
What happened to poetic license?
Would the master to be silenced for calling them sons and daughters of vipers?
Or maybe would he also have been labeled not Christ enough for hanging out with thieves and holes
Tax collectors and gang bros?
The Pharisees thought so,
Too them he was
Not Christ enough,
He was too bitter to be sweet
you see They wanted to be praised;
They wanted portraitures of glorious pictures of heaven not hell
They wanted the good, and not the bad.
so Alas they crucified him for speaking his heart; they silenced him for being deep like that.
To them he was to bitter to be sweet.
so now Poetic license murdered, for not being sweet enough
But I thought it was bittersweet?
The good and the bad, the ugly
Cause we are deep like that.
I guess, I guessed wrong.


Natives Chanting at Night


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The aroma of romance, so rich it arouses and delights.

The aroma of love let me have a taste tonight.

Sweet smelling love, sweet seductive eyes.

Should I say goodbye and let this thing pass me by

or should I like a man grab her on the side and take her to the skies.

This sweet aroma of love, arousing are her thighs,

Sweet smelling love, sweet playful hands

As we mismatch on the ground like pure natives chanting at night.

breathing the sweet aroma of life, covered in her kisses of delight.Image